Advanced Comfort Measures

Advanced Comfort Measures is a course for doulas who have been practicing for a year or more.  In this course, we will explore more about the hormonal patterning of labor, how previous life experiences affect women in labor, the impact of medications on labor and providing exceptional labor support.This course will focus on the connection of emotions in labor and providing tools to promote safety, security and the ability to help your clients work with the intense sensations of labor.  We will also discuss Comfort Measures for unique situations such as adoption, surrogacy, difficult interpersonal relationships and medical mistrust. 

We will discuss strategies for creating an environment that is soothing for your client, what to say- particularly in difficult situations, how to work with medical personnel to benefit your client, and how to care for yourself in challenging births.  We will explore the use of physical comfort measures, setting up a soothing environment, essential oils, massage and partner involvement. 

In addition, we will focus on how to promote feelings of connection and trust throughout prenatal visits and developing understanding of how to best serve your client.  Prenatal visits are an opportunity to help prepare your client and reduce potential pitfalls during the labor and delivery.