Earn as You Learn

Earn as You Learn is unique program offering by St. Louis Doulas.  We know that promoting yourself, connecting with clients and actually providing support at your first births can be intimidating.  To help ease new Birth Doulas into the process, we offer the opportunity for you to work alongside an experienced, certified doula for your first four births.  For most certifying bodies, this provides the required number of births for certification.  Our goal is for you to leave the EAYL program feeling confident and prepared whether you stay with our agency or move on to your own practice.  During your time with the EAYL program, you will be expected to participate in monthly meetings with our team, participate in marketing events, attend consultations, prenatals, provide labor support and attend the postpartum visit.  Your mentor will be teaching you and supporting throughout your process of learning. 

The general protocol for EAYL birth is as follows:

·         Birth #1:  You observe your mentor and develop questions to go over during your consultations

·         Birth #2:  You work 50/50 with your mentor in providing support to your client

·         Birth #3:  You work 50/50 with your mentor in providing support to your client

·         Birth #4:  You take charge of this birth while your mentor observes and provides appropriate feedback

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be affiliated with a particular training organization?  No.  We accept doulas from all current training programs.

Is there a cost to participate in the EAYL program?  No. There is no cost to participate in the EAYL program.  We pay a small amount on the first birth and continue to increase that amount as your skills increase.  We are committed to helping develop a professional doula presence in the St. Louis area and this is one way we can do this.

What are the pre-requisites for participating in the EAYL program?  The EAYL program is competitive program.  You will be required to submit a resume and letter of intent outlining your goals for participating in the program and how you can contribute to the St. Louis Doulas team while you are with us.  We accept 2 EAYL participants at a time and open a space as participants graduate from the program.  Before you can participate in the program you will need to complete an application form, allow us to run a Family Safety Care Registry for you, complete a First Aid/CPR class for certification and have malpractice insurance (we will guide you on specific amounts dependent on the activities you will be involved in).  It is preferable if you have completed or are signed up to take the Birth Trauma Basics workshop. 

Do I have to join the agency?  Am I making a commitment?  You do not have to join the agency to participate in the EAYL program although the program is designed for you to continue on.  Joining the agency involves specific steps which will be discussed during your interview for the EAYL program. 

Who will I work with as a mentor?  We have several experienced, certified doulas who are currently on our team.  Based on their client load and client’s approval to have a student present on their birth, you may be paired with any of them.  One of the critical skills in business and working with other professionals is the ability to work within a team setting.  At St. Louis Doulas, we function as team supporting and encouraging one another.  Each of us has a slightly different approach and personality.  We will provide the opportunity to learn skills in communication, managing different styles and promoting effective client care by having you work with various mentors.

How soon will I get to start working once I am accepted?  We cannot promise any specific time frame.  Some doulas are booked for several months and others are accepting clients closer to their due dates.  How soon you will start working will depend completely on doula case load and availability.

How do I apply?  To begin the process, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your resume and letter of intent to let us know you are interested.  We will contact you to set up an interview.  At the interview, we will let you know the projected time frame that we will have an opening.  As the opening becomes closer we will let you know if you have been accepted to begin the program. 

Do I have to do EAYL before joining St. Louis Doulas?  No you do not have to do EAYL to join St. Louis Doulas.  If you are interested in joining our team and beginning your doula career with us, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know of your interest and we will set up an interview for you.