How It All Started

St Louis Doulas is owned and run by Jamie Bodily & Emily Webb, both experienced birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and mental health professionals.  They met in 2008 when Emily was pregnant with her daughter, and needed to take a childbirth class.  Emily was interested in delivering unmedicated (it wasn’t a belief or anything at that point, she was just scared of the epidural and decided natural was the choice for her), so off to childbirth class she went.  Emily met her childbirth class instructor, Jamie, who encouraged her and told her she could have any kind of birth she wanted!  Emily went on to have a wonderful natural birth.  It was so awesome, that Emily began to wonder if birth work was something she should look into.  The idea of encouraging and supporting women as they worked to meet their babies was thrilling!  After attending several births for her friends, Emily decided to connect with some other doulas at the monthly Doulas of Greater St. Louis meeting.  Who did she happen to meet there?  Jamie, her former childbirth instructor! 

It was a nice reunion, and Emily got the chance to share with Jamie what a difference her encouragement had on her labor and birth process.  Fast forward another 2 years, after a couple more encounters at DGSL meetings, and Emily and Jamie were both in graduate school for Professional Counseling, and both interning with a Psychologist who specialized in postpartum mental health.  It was another chance meeting when their supervisor wanted her interns to meet and collaborate on a project!  Neither Emily nor Jamie realized there was another doula-turned-counselor who wanted to support women as they become mothers, with an emphasis on emotional health, so mothers can enjoy birth and the newborn period!  After months of working on classes together, studying for the “big scary tests” that they needed to take for licensure together, and backing each other up for a couple births, school and their internship was over and it looked like life would go back to normal... Only a few months after they finished graduate school, Jamie called Emily with a huge question:  “Do you want to start St. Louis’ first doula agency with me?”  Jamie had the vision of an agency where expectant families could go for childbirth classes, doula support for birth through the first year postpartum, support groups, parenting advice and seminars, as well as counseling and mental health services.  The answer was easy... “YES!”  In August 2014, Jamie and Emily opened St. Louis Doulas together, and worked almost exclusively in clients’ homes.  Less than 18 months later, St. Louis Doulas’ beautiful office in St. Charles is home to 8 doulas! 

St. Louis Doulas is proud to offer birth & postpartum doula services, childbirth classes, free support groups, seminars for parents and birth workers, placenta encapsulation, belly binding, a mentoring program for new doulas, and a selection of wonderful products available exclusively to clients.  St. Louis Doulas’ goal is to provide professional, compassionate support to as many families as they can.  They are even lucky enough to have partnered with Homestate insurance, and are able to have services covered by Medicaid!  St. Louis Doulas is a passionate, vibrant group of women who are delighted to be able to reach so much of the community, and so excited to see what the next steps are!