Counseling is all about helping you to feel better and to find your best self.  The processes of pregnancy, birth and postpartum are intense and life changing.  Our counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors who have specialized training and experience in issues related to pregnancy and postpartum. 

During pregnancy, women may experience anxiety, depression, worries about finances or job status, baby’s gender or experience challenges in their relationship.  Any of these concerns can leave you feeling less than your best and you deserve support and care towards feeling better.  Other issues that counseling can help with include: adoption (whether you are the relinquishing mother or the adopting family), addictions, bereavement, fertility concerns, divorce or separation, lack of support and single parenting.  The goal of counseling is to help you find your own best answers.  A skilled counselor will help you in exploring your concerns and allowing you to discover your choices and options.  We are here to help you feel your best during this time!

After the birth, women may experience postpartum mood disorders including anxiety and depression, stress from a traumatic birth experience, stress from a fussy baby or difficulties with their partner or support system.  Counseling can help provide relief from negative symptoms and improved functioning.  In addition, helping a mother to feel better and to experience enjoyment with her baby is a key goal of counseling in during the postpartum time.  Counseling may be used alone or in conjunction with medications. Jamie Bodily specializes in EMDR therapy for trauma including birth trauma, postpartum anxiety and depression and promoting healthy relationship adjustment.  Emily Webb specializes in helping with family adjustment and sibling adjustment and anxiety and depression.  Both Emily and Jamie provide both office and in-home sessions for new families.  Jamie currently accepts Cigna and HealthLink insurance plans. 

Every family deserves support and encouragement throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey.  Counseling is an effective tool in helping families feel better and manage the changes inherent in this process.  Whether you need individual counseling, couples support or help with sibling adjustment, we are here to help you!