Belly Binding

In the United States, we have few ceremonies or rituals that honor and support the Postpartum Mother.  Bengkung Belly Binding is a postpartum tradition from the Malaysian culture.  In many cultures, care of the mother is considered essential and necessary to a positive transition.  Belly Binding helps a woman’s postpartum body recover more quickly, aiding healing and well-being.  The beauty of the belly binding is that it supports the pelvic girdle and encourages retraction of the abdominal muscles, improves posture, stabilizes loose ligaments, and supports the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.   

Your body works hard during pregnancy!  In order to grow a human being, your body retains more water.  Part of this water goes to creating and supporting the amniotic fluid which cushions and supports the growth of your baby.  Your body shifts and the structure changes as your baby grows bigger and bigger in anticipation of living outside of the womb.  This is why mothers are more swollen and bloated during their last month of pregnancy.  Once the baby is born, this additional water is no longer needed and it will naturally release and the cells will return to their pre-pregnancy size.  The purpose of Belly Binding is help support and quicken this process through constant pressure on the abdomen and torso.  In addition, our Belly Firming Paste is created by our Certified Herbalist and is designed to help reduce stretch marks and firm your abdomen.   

During birth, the cervix expands to 10 centimeters, the size of a bagel.  Our Belly Binding wraps are longer than the average binder you may receive from your health care provider or can order on-line.  Our longer wrap is designed to provide support to all your abdominal and pelvic muscles.  A longer wrap allows us to create pressure on the hip area which helps the cervix to shrink and allows the pelvic muscles to heal without being further stretched. Steady, constant pressure on the hips allows the body to heal and close more easily than if simply left in its expanded state.  The Bengkung style of binding helps with diastasis recti with the constant, supportive pressure on the abdominal area. Belly Binding can be done as early as the third day postpartum for a vaginal birth or after about a week for a cesarean birth.  We encourage discussion with your Healthcare Provider as to the safety and timing of beginning Belly Binding.

Our service includes:  Your Belly Binding Wrap, Oil, Instruction and demonstration of wrapping by one of our doulas and a picture guide to wrapping for you to keep, Instructions and Guidelines for wrapping, and personalized care and support from your doula.


Basic belly binding- $85*

Belly binding with Batik wrap- $105

Belly firming paste (2 applications)- $5

Belly Firming paste (6-8 applications)- $15

*discount available for clients with a paid birth or postpartum package