Birth Services

St Louis Doulas provide Birth Doulas for families who want doula services.  Our model for providing services ensures that you get the very best Doula Services available.  Whether you are looking to birth in the Hospital, a birthing center, or even at home.  We help to prepare you for your birth using evidence based practices so that you can be certain we are in your corner.

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Postpartum Services

After your birth we have Doulas who are trained to provide services for transitioning families.  Families when adding a new member this transistion can be stressful.  St Louis Doulas can guide you through this transition process as well as remove some of the stress that is common with new babies.  Our trained Postpartum Doulas understand that you have unique needs.

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Professional Development

St Louis Doulas provide training for other Doulas wanting to improve their practice.  Education, training, mentoring, and community services are part of what St Louis Doulas strives for in order to ensure that families in the reach of St Louis Doulas will have the highest quality of services whether the are a member of St Louis Doulas, or with another group.

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Additional Services

St Louis Doulas strive to ensure that or clients staff and community have the best service providers available. We recommend providers we feel will give you the highest quality of products or services.  Whether you are looking for birth photography, counseling, latation services, belly binding, or other services we want you know we will only recommend the best.

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