Birth Services

Birth Doula is a woman trained to provide labor support and assistance. Through information, education and skill building prior to the birth, a doula prepares her client for the intense physical and emotional experience of labor and delivery. During labor and delivery, the doula supports her client with physical comfort measures, emotional support, support and relief for your partner, and support in meeting your goals and working with your          healthcare team.

The St. Louis Doulas Model of Care

With 20 years of combined experience supporting and helping families to welcome their new babies, Emily and Jamie set out to create a model of care that benefited families and doulas. Rather than working alone, doulas are paired into teams that work with expectant families to help them prepare for the birth of their baby. Each family will have an assigned primary doula who will be available to answer questions and provide information and support. Utilizing the team model, your doulas will provide consistent support and care. Your doula team will rotate doulas every 12 hours to provide a well-rested and alert doula who can help you achieve the best outcomes. In addition to your doula team, the doulas of St. Louis Doulas have specializations and expertise that is accessible and shared across the team. The knowledge of the entire team is shared to ensure that you know your options and choices throughout your birthing experience.

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